Chuck Norris Facts!

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The funniest Application on the App Store.
Once you’ll start laughing, you won’t be able to stop!


Warning! This App may cause stomach pain and uncontrollable laughter.
The Application presents facts about a fictional hero (Chuck Norris?!?)
It is designed for the iPhone and iPad devices.

Chuck Norris Facts

You can browse through the different facts by touching the right & left arrows or moving your fingers from side to side.
Touching the “Hit Me! ” button or shaking the iPhone will generate a random fact while playing a gunshot sound.
You can save your favorites facts by touching the “Add” button in order to be able to read them later.

Settings Screen

At the settings screen, you can change the Hero’s name to any name you would like.
The sound can be turned on and off.


The application is translated to 5 different languages
(English, Spanish, Russian, Hebrew and Chinese)

What Else?

If you have a new fact that you want to add to this application,
you may send email to the developers and it will be added.
You can share facts with friends using email, Facebook or Twitter.

In order to start laughing download this app today!

Heroes! The funniest Application on the App Store.


אפליקציה חדשה כחול לבן (כן, שלנו) הגיעה לחנות האפסטור, Heroes! והיא מצחיקה ומשעשעת מאוד.
בתחילה האפליקציה נקראה “עובדות צ’אק נוריס Chuck It!” אך עכב התנגדותו של צ’אק להשתמש בשמו, אפל דחתה את האפליקציה וכך נוצרה האפליקציה עם שמה החדש: Heroes!.


Chuck It! Teaser